Streak of Green

Brand With A Heart Repair & Care Trio


This Trio Gift Bag is waterproof and an amazing deal while supplies last!

A Creamsicle scented blend fortified with our M+ Cocktail of Maqui Berries, Bamboo extract, our signature blend of Super fruits, a double shot of our Protein Complex along with Humectants to deliver a mega dose of potent antioxidants and vitamins to fortify, nourish and restore hair from the inside out.

The result? Shampoo Hydrated, restored, thicker, healthy hair and scalp.

The result? Conditioner Smooth, hydrated, healthy, mega-shiny locks. 

Our super ingredients are specifically chosen for their ability to help improve the appearance of hair density and thickness, reduce hair shedding, prevent breakage and split ends, smooth, strengthen, moisturize, add shine, and protect from free radicals for healthier hair and scalp.  Feeding your hair has never looked so good!

Whipped Batter Mask! This Orange Creamsicle scented deep conditioning, hydrating mask is a combination of our signature M+ Blend and Shea Butter to restore and help repair dry, damaged hair while improving texture, elasticity and manageability.

The results? Restored, smoother, stronger, hydrated and healthier hair and scalp.

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