Streak of Green

Brand With A Heart Mellow The Yellow Purple CLeansing Blend 10oz


A banana cream scented brightening cleanser for blonde, silver and brunettes that corrects brassiness and yellow tones, optimizing shine, strength, moisture and health.  Infused with our signature blend of M+, plant based ingredients and Glass Tech to help strengthen and hydrate your strands.   

The result? Bright beautiful blonde, silver or brunette gorgeous, strong, hydrated locks with brilliant shine.

Our super ingredients are specifically chosen for their ability to help improve the appearance of hair density and thickness, reduce hair shedding, prevent breakage and split ends, smooth, strengthen, moisturize, add shine, and protect from free radicals for healthier hair and scalp.  Feeding your hair has never looked so good!


Contains violet and blue pigments to reduce brassiness and yellow tones.  Good for Blonde, Silver and Brunettes.  Cleans and tones without drying out hair.  Repairs and strengthens hair.  Keeps hair hydrated and boosts brightness.  Promotes healthy hair and scalp.   Paraben Free, Silicone Free, Phthalates Free, DEA/TEA Free, UV Protection.

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